Manila, Philippines
Delegate Application Form
3-14 July 2018
Thank you very much for your most valued interest to participate in the Asia Pacific Youth Exchange which will take place this July in Manila, Philippines and Bangkok, Thailand.

Accomplishing this form is the first step to finalizing your participation in the APYE Manila, Philippines.  Please accomplish this online registration form thoroughly. Completing this form also means that you will receive important updates about APYE Manila, Philippines!

Details supplied in this form are crucial to ensure your learning and safety throughout the duration of the program. For fields that are not applicable to you, please input “N/A”. Please make sure that you accomplish ALL fields of the application form.

To learn of the complete application process for the APYE Philippines, please read through the program's information kit which will be sent through your e-mail after accomplishing your form.

Important Reminder: Please note that finishing this form DOES NOT CONFIRM YOUR ATTENDANCE. More details related to securing your slot, specifically payment of the participation fee, can be found in the information kit which will be included in the e-mail. Deadline to register is by May 30.

For questions, please do not hesitate to contact us thru our email at
or thru our Facebook page!
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